Eviction Filing

When it becomes necessary to file for an Eviction, CsS Services is here to help expedite the process….
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Eviction Set-Out Services

We appreciate the sensitive nature of an Eviction Set-Out and treat the process with highest degree of respect…
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Saving lost profits from unpaid rents and fees can be difficult without the help of trained collectors. Our team of skilled collectors utilize…
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Resident Screening

Resident screening is the first step toward creating a positive relationship between your organization and your residents…
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Employee Screening

Our employee screening services are personalized to meet the needs of our customers…
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Complete Resident Processing

At CsS Services we recognize that property management and ownership can be demanding. Over the past three decades, we have developed a suite of services to assist our customer’s in managing the relationship with their residents.

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide services that are easily accessed, performed consistently, strategic in nature, and represent high value for money. This mission has helped to make us a leading source for resident processing.

Our dedicated staff works to provide timely and accurate results while our technology platform allows visibility into the progress of our services.

“The automated instant communication really sets my mind at ease knowing that everything is entered and scheduled appropriately. I really like how everything is on the dashboard as soon as you login. It is very easy to navigate and user friendly. “
-Liza Terry, Associate Community Director


Eviction Filing

When it becomes necessary to file for an Eviction,
CsS Services is here to help expedite the process.

Whether using an attorney or self-filing, we deliver your cases to the courthouse and typically advance all court fees in order to take action as quickly as possible. Our new platform makes it easier than ever before to track the progress of your filings, and maintain visibility into the timeline of each case.

As actions occur, we immediately update your account which can be tracked by you and if engaged, your attorney, through the receipt of emails or via our website to assure complete visibility as to when further actions are required. Never wonder about the status of your evictions again, with our service all of the information you need can be accessed and maintained through our easy to use platform.


Eviction Set-Out Services

CsS now also offers Eviction Clean-Up Services, to remove and clean all debris from a property after an eviction occurs.

Trash and other items are often left behind in the aftermath of an eviction, to ensure an even faster turn-around time for your property consider using CsS for complete clean-out services.

Contact us for rates and promotions on this new service available at CsS.


Our collections group often delivers record setting recovery percentages. Submission of collection cases can be accepted through: direct interface with many rent role systems; monthly prescheduled file pickups; uploads to our secure servers; or most any other client preferred methods.

And, because we are confident in our ability to collect on unpaid rent and related fees, CsS offers a success based pricing structure. There is no cost to you unless we collect!


Resident And Employee Screening

CSS Screening can provide near instantaneous information on the following areas by accessing a variety of sources*:
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History
  • Eviction History
  • Verification of Tax IDs
  • DMV Reports
  • Pending Convictions
  • Employment Verification
* only limited by what is legally allowable within by jurisdiction
Opti-Rent Resident Screening
Opti-Rent Resident Screening
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